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Uniter, not a divider

Wagon Ryed
Wynkoop Brewing Company in conjunction with Denver off the Wagon- Denver, CO
Dry Stout
5.99% ABV

Beer brings people together. A toast, a round, a brew. A year ago Denver Off the Wagon was born, a collaborative effort among a number of local bloggers with one thing in common: a shared love for drinking. The craft beer scene, much like the blogging scene, is rapidly growing. Yet even with the increase in both attention and volume they remain small communities. And so, Wynkoop Brewing Company assisted the good people behind Denver Off the Wagon in crafting a first anniversary brew: Wagon Ryed.

This dry stout, brewed with toasted caraway, is thick and very dark brown-almost black. The toasted malts offer a warm flavor but it’s dry, not overly sweet or heavy. It lives up to the promise of rye, being reminiscent of the darkly spicy flavors of rye bread.

But on the night of Denver Off the Wagon’s self-proclaimed “Birthday Bacchanalia” it was hard to say whether the beer or the company drew more attention. (Cute) Brewers, (witty) bloggers, and (drunk, not at work of course!) bartenders, oh my! There were many old friends along with any number of new introductions. As one local blogger put it, “We’re uniting people.” In the end, it’s as much about the people you drink with as it is the beer you drink.