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Buy Us Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack…and Tallboys in a Paper Bag…

Miller Genuine Draft
4.66% ABV
Miller Brewing Co.
Milwaukee, WI

Pabst Blue Ribbon
4.74% ABV
Pabst Brewing Co.
Woodbridge, IL

We get excited about many things in Colorado. Sunrises, sunsets, funny weather, and of course, the beginning of baseball season. Our Colorado Rockies steal and break our hearts every year.

For the past five years or so, we’ve spend the day with great girlfriends, great beer, and a great day at Coors Field cheering on the boys of summer.

We’ve become known in our circles of friends for being the “foodies” and “beer snobs”, the girls who only drink craft beer. This isn’t a bad thing. We may be guilty of bragging about our discerning palates and have definitely turned up our noses at the offerings from macro brew giants.

Then baseball season began. Given our challenge of drinking the beer list at Euclid Hall, we knew it would include Miller Genuine Draft (MGD) and Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) at some point. What better time than the Official start of baseball season in Colorado: the Rockies’ home opener. The best part? The beer comes in your own “guaranteed classy” paper bag. The second it arrives at the table you want to run outside, sit on the nearest stoop, and yell at passers-by, which is basically what happened after the game.

Both beers are light (less than 5% ABV) and quick drinks. Twenty-four ounces of cheap, light beer goes down fast when you’ve been sitting in the sun, eating sunflower seeds, and Twitter stalking your favorite local sportscaster (ours, for the record, is Vic Lombardi) all afternoon.

We encourage you to welcome summer, baseball season, and longer days with any beer that deserves your attention.

See you at the World Series!

Photos: Coors Field with Rockies purple and black balloons, and of course our nation’s flag; Stephanie, Stephani Basner, Vic Lombardi (!), Addie Berube, and Lia; MGD and PBR representing, and the girls (Addie, Lia, Stephani, and Stephanie) with our “Year of the Fan” rally towels at Coors Field.