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Raise a Glass and Carry On

Old Brewery Pale Ale
Samuel Smith Old Brewery, (Tadcaster) North Yorkshire, England
Pale Ale
ABV 5.0%

Sometimes doing things the way you always have is a good thing. Such is the case with Samuel Smith Old Brewery, operating in northern England since 1758. The well was sunk in 1758, but the brewery still draws its brewing water from 85 feet below ground. The brewery’s ales and stouts are fermented in slate slabs, “stone Yorkshire squares”, giving the beers a full and pure taste. The brewery’s web site can show you more adequately than we can explain.

We didn’t hesitate to call this ale a “very English beer” – straightforward, tidy, and honest. We taste the malt and toasted favors but, without being overpowering, we also taste the hops. The carbonation is a sight to behold. When poured into a tulip glass and held to the light, hundreds of tiny, perfect bubbles sit just below the clear, amber surface.