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Drink me, I’m Irish

O’Hara’s Irish Stout
Carlow Brewing Company
Carlow, Ireland
4.3% ABV

IPA, pilsner, trippel. These are beer styles for a sunny spring day. Stouts lend themselves to blustery fall or gray, winter days. Since this is the week to celebrate all things Irish, we chose a beer named for the founders of the Carlow Brewing Company: O’Hara’s Irish Stout.

If you’re expecting the well-known flavor of mass produced “Irish beer”, this will be a disappointment. Rather than being creamy, this stout is dry.

It pours a thick, nearly black glass tinged with dark ruby hues. The head is creamy but recedes quickly. This stout has a slightly sour note both on the nose and palate. There is little to no sweetness, just a hint of caramelized flavor lingering after drinking it. There are faint notes of dried fruit but this beer tends to be crisp and fairly mild.

The clean flavor of this beer would be good for cooking with as it would showcase the roasted malt notes without overpowering the dish.

Although we didn’t test the theory, we imagine it would be a perfect pairing with an Irish whiskey