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Passion for the Pale

Union Jack
Firestone Walker Brewing Company – Paso Robles
7.5% ABV

Beer drinkers love any excuse for celebration. Thus, this month has been dubbed IPApril. Appropriately so, as the weather warms dark, rich stouts no longer satisfy the same way they did in the cold of winter. The floral hoppiness of IPAs give a nod to the new growth of spring. The grey drizzle that has thrown a blanket over Denver has brought with it the vivid spring green of new growth.

The staff at Euclid Hall is, by this point, well aware of our beer list challenge. A brief conversation about the remaining beers prompted Max and Jai to enthusiastically suggest Firestone Walker’s Union Jack. It’s a beautiful light amber beer with a golden hue. A slight head clings to the edges of the glass. The scent is subtle but fresh, citrusy, and floral from the four pounds of hops in each barrel of this beer.

Union Jack is a clean, crisp IPA. The hoppy notes are well balanced; while obvious, they don’t take over the beer. The first sip gives an unexpected sweetness, not cloying but fresh and almost nectar-like. The hops hit soon after with the complexity and depth that result from using a total of six different varieties of hops. The IPA lingers gloriously on the palate, both sweet and hoppy. Perfect for spring.