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Earthly Delights

Tilburg’s Dutch Brown Ale
Bierbrouwerji De Koningshoeven B.V.-Netherlands
Belgian Dark Ale
5% ABV

We expect a brown ale to hit all the important flavor notes: nutty, malty, and slightly sweet. Tilburg’s Dutch delivers in a big way. This is an easy beer to drink when there’s still a chill in the air but the sun is shining and you can smell spring trying to break through winter.

The perfect brown glass has an aroma of molasses. The taste of sweetness in this beer though is a clean sweetness, not syrupy or lingering. There is a slight hint of nuttiness. Letting the beer sit for a few minutes brings out the fig-like dried fruit notes.

You will undoubtedly notice the label depicting a bird-headed prince of hell eating a man. Yes, you read that right. It’s taken from the painting, “The Garden of Earthly Delight” by Hironymus Borsch. The triptych, painted in 1504, can be read as a moral warning on the dangers of “the flesh”. Seriously, just go look at the picture. We really can’t explain it. You have to see it. As you are trying to wrap your head around the picture, drink this beer.