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We don’t know how many friends can honestly say they’d jump at the chance to co-write a blog. While drinking craft beers at one our favorite beer halls in Denver, the idea for showcasing the best of what our city has to offer was born.


Nine questions for Lia
Favorite beer style: IPA, red ales are a close second
Best hangover cure: Fried potatoes & a Bloody Mary
Favorite sports team: Colorado Rockies!
Favorite local brewery: Great Divide, Denver Beer Co.
Best food use for beer: Braised short ribs
Best non-food use for beer: Hair rinse. (Use warm beer.)
Favorite kitchen tool: Whisks. Also immersion blenders.
Favorite “front porch” beer: New Belgium Ranger IPA or Avery White Rascal (in cans!)
Dream “beer date”: Patio, BBQ, beer, and Sam from Dogfishhead (and his wife and kids, of course.)

Nine questions for Stephanie
What’s your favorite style of beer? Stout.
Favorite local brewery? Avery Brewing Company, Boulder, CO
Best hangover cure? Powerade and a sausage breakfast sandwich.
Best non-food use for beer? There are none.
Favorite sports team? Denver Nuggets!
Why is Colorado so great? Sunshine!
Dream beer date? Personal tour of an authentic Trappist brewery followed by food and beer at a Belgian pub.
Favorite/best food use for beer? Ice cream.
Favorite beer to drink on the stoop on a hot summer night? A good cold Czech Pilsner.

In addition to answering some burning questions, we wrote each other’s bios.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!


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