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Ahoy, matey!*

Piraat Ale
Brouwerij Van Steenberge N.V.
Belgian IPA
10.5% ABV

This somewhat sweet IPA pours clean with minimal head. Despite the high alcohol content, is a very easy drinking beer. One of the characteristics we have come to value most is balance. The drinkability of this beer is a testament to the well-matched hops and malts. The taste is reminiscent of a typical IPA with a more fruity and sweet aroma, like honey.

It is a tripel by strength; an IPA by history. This beer contains three times the malts of a normal beer and was designed to be taken by ship on long trips. According to legend, the daily distribution of a pint of ale kept the pirates in both good health and spirits.

Piraat is refermented in the bottle; a unique bottle that short and squatty but with a distinct neck. This style, also known as a “steinie”, was made popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. We like that it looks like a telescope — something you’d need on a ship. Wherever your travels take you, you should pack this beer as a stowaway.

*Warning: drinking Piraat IPA will make you want to talk like a pirate.


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