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When words fail, hops deliver*

Torpedo Extra IPA
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Chico, CA
ABV 7.2%

Good things come in threes: Stooges, Little Pigs, and Musketeers. We would respectfully add Triple Hopped beer to that list. Sierra Nevada uses three different varieties of hops — magnum, crystal, and citra — added at three different times. The brewery also designed and built a piece of equipment, “The Torpedo”, which infuses more hop flavor and aroma than many standard methods.

Torpedo pours a light, golden-amber hue and leaves delicate lacing on the sides of the glass. We were lucky enough to be schooled by Marc Bayes of a few weeks ago and he taught us that the lacing along the sides of the glass is a visual indicator of protein combined with the residue from hops.

Despite being a “super-hoppy” beer, the malts temper the hops and smooth out the flavor; making Tornado enjoyable for people who don’t gravitate toward IPAs (Stephanie) as well as those who love hoppy beers (Lia).

That’s hop-tastic.

*We take pride in our witty prose, and believe that you, gentle reader, will appreciate knowing it took us a good 25 minutes to come up with a title for our post. As budding wordsmiths and certifiable nerds, the barrage of terrible to ridiculous combinations was a small obstacle for us to overcome. For you. You’re welcome.


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