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Scottish, Scotch

February 17, 2012

Bristol Laughing Lab

Bristol Brewing Company-Colorado Springs, CO

Scottish Ale

5.3% ABV

When you start drinking beer, really drinking beer, you find that styles are only the most basic overview of the characteristics of a beer. Scottish Ale can range from medium bodied to high alcohol, heavy, rich, strong beer. The latter, more characteristically Scotch Ale (versus Scottish Ale-such as the Laughing Lab being consumed here) is the malty beer Americans tend to think of interchangeably with Scottish Ale. Don’t be fooled by your misconceptions!

Once we wrapped our minds around this very important distinction, we started to appreciate the subtle toasty malted flavors. The beer poured dark, with mahogany tones, but not black or thick. The flavored was toasted, but not overly so. The browning of the malts came through as a natural flavor, more sun roasted than oven-roasted. It’s very drinkable but it is a light Scottish Ale.


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